Net Schedule

ARES training nets are held on Tuesdays at 2000 local, usually on the MARC 146.955 (156.7) repeater.

wdt_ID Date Program Type Topic Radio Officer
71 11/19/2019 TBD TBD TBD
72 11/26/2019 TBD TBD TBD
74 10/29/2019 Roundtable Lessons learned from participants in 2019 Marine Corps Marathon KN3U
73 11/12/2019 TBD TBD TBD
75 11/05/2019 TBD TBA TBD

Other Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Type Topic wdt_ID
12/18/2019 1900 - 1930 Armchair Exercise Maryland/DC Section monthly HF Hospital Radio Net, 3820 kHz. See details below. 26
12/09/2019 1900 - 2100 MCACS Board Meeting* -- 24
11/12/2019 1930 - 2030 Maryland State RACES Monthly Commex Contact K3CSX if you would like to participate. There will not be a Commex in August; next one will be held on the second Tuesday in September. 32
11/11/2019 1900 - 2100 MCACS Board Meeting* -- 18
11/20/2019 1900 - 1930 Armchair Exercise Maryland/DC Section monthly HF Hospital Radio Net, 3820 kHz. See details below. 33
10/23/2019 1900-1930 Armchair Exercise Maryland/DC Section monthly HF Hospital Radio Net, 3820 kHz. See details below. 36
01/02/2020 1900-2000 Field Exercise Quarterly MDC Hospital Drill - deploy to Amateur-Radio-equipped hospitals in Montgomery County to participate in state-wide hospital net on 2m/440 voice and Winlink. Sign up to participate at the hospital nearest your home or workplace. 37

* Board meetings are held by teleconference and are open to members. We welcome your involvement. If you are interested in taking a more active role in the organization, or have ideas for the board to consider, please join us.  Contact any board member for access information.

Monthly HF Hospital Nets

Our ARES colleagues in Prince Georges County sponsor the monthly Maryland/DC HF Hospital Net on 3820 kHz LSB. Despite the name, all local amateurs are invited to check into the net from your home station. Most hospital EOCs in the DC/Maryland area are not equipped for HF operation. The concept of operations is as follows. In the event that a hospital needs to communicate with an entity outside of VHF/UHF range, the traffic will be passed to a nearby HF-equipped ham via VHF/UHF, then forwarded to the distant entity via HF radio. In other words, the home-based HF station serves as a relay point for the hospital traffic.We encourage such home-based hospital relay stations to equip themselves with Winlink capability so that record traffic can easily be relayed, but voice-only stations are welcomed to participate.These exercises are normally scheduled on the Wednesday following the third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM local time. (That’s because the PG ARES group has its monthly meeting on the third Monday of the month.) If the frequency is busy, tune  ± 5 kHz.

MCACS Email Reflector

All MCACS members are encouraged to subscribe to the MCACS email reflector, preferably using the email address you used to register on the MCACS website. (To confirm your email address of record, log in and click on the Basic Info link on the right side of this webpage.) Send KN3U an email to be added to the list.Many MCACS members are also members of one or more local clubs, some of which operate email reflectors for their members.  Keep that in mind when posting messages. Please do use the MCACS Reflector, but only to share to share information or questions related to the MCACS mission and activities. General announcements, equipment for sale, and the like, and not appropriate for this reflector, but may well be appropriate for one or more of the club reflectors.