Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations

The five community-based Amateur Radio organizations listed here actively support and cooperate with MCACS in fulfilling our mission of voluntary public service communications.

Ashton Radio Communications Society (ARCS)

ARCS operates five Amateur Radio repeaters in Ashton, Maryland, providing excellent coverage of the county and region. ARCS also hosts a Winlink RMS Gateway.

Damascus Emergency Communications Team (DECT)

DECT supports the Damascus community, and is affiliated with the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department.

Mid-Atlantic IP Network (MAIPN)

MAIPN is committed to building a regional broadband network on microwave frequencies, independent of commercial infrastructure, to support local government and NGO operations during emergencies.

Montgomery Amateur Radio Club (MARC)

MARC is the largest Amateur Radio Club in the county, with activities spanning many aspects of the hobby, not least public service and emergency communications.MARC also operates a constellation of repeaters offering regional coverage.

NIH Radio Amateur Club (NIHRAC)

NIHRAC provides voluntary public service, safety, and emergency-preparedness communications to the National Institutes of Health, and to local, regional, national and international communities.