Deployment Kit (DRAFT for comment)

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Deployment Kit (DRAFT for comment) — 3 Comments

  1. This is a good list.

    One thing to consider adding to the backpack lists is a container for urine, as well as a very small towel for relieving themselves in the event there are no restroom facilities available.

    there are urinal/vomit bags available online and at pilot supply vendors.

    Under the Clothing section, rain gear should be included. Rain suit, poncho, etc.

  2. This list is off to a great start. Gets one thinking…
    -Consider ZIP ties or Velcro cord ties to keep all cables neatly stored.
    -Water Filtration Life Straw or treatment tabs as they are compact and a backup way to purify/filter water.
    -Matches/Lighter (for your stove)
    -Waterless hand cleaner/sanitizer