Preferred Repeaters

wdt_ID Call Sign Repeater Output Freq Repeater Input Freq CTCSS Access Tone Sponsor Notes
1 KV3B 146.955 146.355 156.7 MARC CTCSS optional; provides enhanced access. Wide DC Metro coverage; home base for many Montgomery County hams. Located in White Flint area.
2 K3WX 147.000 146.400 156.7 Ashton RCS Dual mode - offset for FM, + offset for P25. Located in Ashton, MD.
3 WB3GXW 147.225 147.825 156.7 WB3GXW Located in Calverton, MD
4 WA3YOO 443.900 448.900 156.7 or P25 NAC 293 MC ACS Trimode - analog/DMR/P25. Analog users should program 156.7 (Tx) CTCSS encode to access repeater AND 156.7 (Rx) decode to avoid having to listen to digital transmissions and co-channel interference..
5 K3YGG 145.290 144.690 156.7 NIHRAC NIHRAC home base, located on NIH main campus in Bethesda
6 KA3LAO 147.180 147.780 156.7 KA3LAO Wide-coverage repeater located in White Oak, MD
7 W3ATV 224.940 224.340 156.7 MACS Wide coverage repeater, operated by MCACS principals, available for any legitimate use. Located in White Flint area.
8 W3VPR 147.105 147.705 107.2 AARC Maryland State RACES - Central Region Net - access to MEMA. Located in Davidsonville, MD
9 WA4TSC 147.300 147.900 146.2 WA4TSC Primary Skywarn repeater, located in Bluemont, VA
15 K3ERA 145.230 144.630 110.9 PG ARES Sponsored and used by PG County ARES, located in District Heights, MD

Also, check out this link for the Maryland/DC section Echolink repeater info.

Last but not least, please check out the Central Maryland Repeater Group (CMRG). This is a system  of 5 UHF repeaters linked together to provide coverage to a majority of the State of Maryland. It also provides coverage to Washington, D.C., Northern Va. and South Central Pa. This repeater system is often used for inter-hospital communications during section-wide exercises, and could potentially also be used for EOC-to-EOC communications in a large-scale emergency. There are five repeaters in the constellation. From most locations in Montgomery County, it is possible to hit either the WA3PGC repeater in Laurel or the N3ST repeater in Frederick. See the list above for details.You can also listen to streaming audio from the system at, or possibly monitor via WebSDR.