Preferred Repeaters

wdt_ID Call Sign Repeater Output Freq Repeater Input Freq CTCSS Access Tone Sponsor Notes

Also, check out this link for the Maryland/DC section Echolink repeater info.

Last but not least, please check out the Central Maryland Repeater Group (CMRG). This is a system  of 5 UHF repeaters linked together to provide coverage to a majority of the State of Maryland. It also provides coverage to Washington, D.C., Northern Va. and South Central Pa. This repeater system is often used for inter-hospital communications during section-wide exercises, and could potentially also be used for EOC-to-EOC communications in a large-scale emergency. From most locations in Montgomery County, it is possible to hit either the WA3PGC repeater in Laurel or the N3ST repeater in Frederick. See the list above for details.