Preferred Winlink RMS Packet Gateways

wdt_ID Station Frequency Location Notes
1 WA3YOO-9 145.75 Ashton MCACS affiliated
2 WA3YOO-10 145.75 Germantown MCACS affiliated
3 WM3M-10 145.09 White Flint MMARSI affiliated
4 WA3SWJ-10 145.75 Potomac MCACS affiliated
5 KF3AK-10 145.77 Gambrill Mt. (Frederick)
6 KA3AHI-10 145.75 Collington PG ARES affiliated*
8 KC3DSO-10 145.75 Lanham (9600 OTA) PG ARES affiliated*
9 WB2IFS-10 145.75 Clinton PG ARES affiliated
10 KA3POX-10 145.75 Ft. Washington PG ARES affiliated*
11 WB3KAS-10 145.75 Ft. Washington PG ARES affiliated*
12 KC3DSO-10 145.75 Lanham PG ARES affiliated*
13 W3LRC-10 145.75 Laurel Laurel ARC
14 N2LEE-10 145.73 Herndon, VA Connect via RESTON digipeater


  1. VHF RMS gateways can be used as digipeaters for peer-to-peer connections between local stations when Internet access to the Winlink Central Message Server is unavailable.
  2. An asterisk (*) indicates these Winlink Nodes have RMS Relay installed. This means if the internet is down messages can still be left for a recipient to pick up directly.
  3. When seeking a HF RMS gateway, a simple strategy is to listen to SSB stations on your target band to see where propagation is good. Then select a gateway from the Channel Selector in the same general part of the county. For example, if you are hearing stations in the Midwest on voice, choose a gateway station in the Midwest.
  4. When using Ardop or Vara, you have two choices for bandwidth. Under ideal propagation conditions, the wider bandwidth mode achieves greater throughput, which is a significant benefit when sending a larger message. But if the band is crowded, you will be more successful (and considerate of others) when you choose the narrow bandwidth. Be sure to select a gateway having a compatible bandwidth. The Vara HF modem performs significantly better than Ardop under less-than-ideal conditions. Similarly Vara FM procides greater throughput than the AX.25 packet modem. A license to use Vara costs $69, and multiple instances may be installed for use under a single call sign. It is well worth the money and highly recommended.

Winlink Tactical Addresses

wdt_ID Sort Tactical Address Entity
1 2 MDMONTMMMC Medstar Montgomery Medical Center
2 3 MDMONTHCSS Holy Cross Hospital (Silver Spring)
3 4 MDMONTHCG Holy Cross Germantown Hospital ‡
4 20 MDCSM ARRL Maryland-DC Section Manager
5 21 MDCSEC ARRL Maryland-DC Section Emergency Coordinator
6 22 MDCASEC ARRL Maryland-DC Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator
7 1 MDMONTEOC Montgomery County EOC

‡ Note the potential source of confusion between the abbreviations of Howard County General Hospital (HCGH) and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital (HCG). If in doubt, verify which hospital was intended and sell out the hospital name.

The MDC Section-Wide Winlink Check-In is a monthly Amateur Radio digital net sponsored by the Maryland-DC Section of the ARRL where check-ins are accomplished using the Winlink (Global Email via amateur radio) system. All amateurs are welcome to check in via any Winlink mode.

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