The mission of Montgomery County Auxiliary Communications Service (MCACS) is to develop and maintain a cadre of volunteers who are qualified and equipped to provide a wide range of supplemental telecommunications services supporting our community during disasters and civil emergencies.

MC ACS exists primarily to support the citizens of Montgomery County, Maryland through close association with the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. We offer a range of operational and technical capabilities that can be activated under the County’s Emergency Operations Plan as required by the unique needs of a given emergency. When activated, a MCACS individual, strike team, or task force “plugs in” to the Incident Command System structure and takes direction from the designated supervisor.

Our resources and support services may also be made available to other jurisdictions through mutual aid agreements and/or on an ad hoc basis.

MCACS seeks to identify and coordinate the planning and preparedness activities of individual volunteers and organizations having an interest in providing and/or consuming emergency telecommunications services, such as Amateur Radio operators, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members, and telecommunications professionals who live or work in Montgomery County.