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While we look to guidance for a number of sources to develop topics for weekly nets, monthly Zoom meetings, and other training programs, we are always open to suggestions from members regarding topics you would like to learn more about.

Suggestions for guest presenters on any relevant topic would also be welcome. (We have a lot of experience within our MCACS community. Is there a topic that YOU would like to share with the group?)

Or, if you have a suggestion for an armchair exercise or a full-blown field exercise, we’d like to hear that also.

This page provides a place to capture your ideas for posterity. Suggestions both large and small in scope are welcome. Logged-in members may add your comments below.


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Suggestion Box — 5 Comments

  1. Idea – Simplex Symposium aka MESH network. Self Deploy to high ground areas and confirm MCACS member contacts reachable on MCACS designated preferred frequencies during a 1 hour meeting. Can expand time or add limits (within 2 miles of home QTH etc.)

  2. If there is not already one established, it might be beneficial to have (start) a monthly HF net to coincide with the VHF meetings. To start either before or after the VHF net. Possibly on 80 meter SSB.

    • Hi, Glenn. Good idea. We always have new members in the pipeline who need little encouragement to try out new bands and modes. Do others have thoughts on this?

      Here is some background info: There is currently a monthly section-wide HF Hospital Net on 3820 kHz, as described on the MCACS calendar page:

      Although labeled as a “hospital net,” it is really a generic net for ARES members, and everyone is welcome to check in. Gene, AD3F, is frequently net control. So that might be exactly what you proposing. Check it out.

      From time to time, we have tried running SSB nets on 6m, 10m, etc. after the Tuesday night Emergency and Public Service Net closes (e.g., 9:15 PM). These have been successful in getting members engaged on HF and determining who can hear whom, although most folks seem to lose interest after a few weeks. If you would like to organize an HF net along these lines, I’m sure the board will support it.

      We also have the monthly Maryland/DC Winlink Check-in drills, which often have an HF component. WB2U regularly shares information about a this and other regular Winlink training opportunities.

  3. Plan drill with local area CERT teams to provide a COG TYPE level of interaction with dispersed “LOCAL CERT” teams. We would provide the “link” out of each “local CERT cell”. Connect it to a type of puzzle piece/clue found locally that once all compiled make sense of a larger picture.

  4. Adapt the Lego concept described here: for use in the LOCAL CERT idea above adapted to add RADIOS in the path.

    Building Communication Skills Game
    Effective communication in business is essential. Use this fun communication skills game to improve communication within your team.

    Communication Skills Game Purpose – to illustrate the importance of clear communication, and allow the group to explore their communication style and make improvements as necessary.

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